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I will be exhibiting this spirng (April) at the St. Paul Art Crawl put on by the St. Paul Art Collective.  More information about the show will be forthcoming.

Karen at La Dee Dah on Main Street, Menomonie, carries  some of my personally framed images, including photo-acrylics, along with a large assortment of decor and gifts from other local artists.  She will help you with your decorating projects and/or gift needs.  Her awesome website provides you an opportunity to purchase items if you cannot stop in to see her in person; but I recommend you talk to her face-to-face at La Dee Dah, 311 East Main Street in Menomonie, Wisconsin. 

Jeff Hile of Dancing Bird Art Studio and Music Shop in Cumberland, Wisconsin, also exhibits some of my photo-acrylic works.  Jeff is an outstanding artist and musician.  His studio at 1393 Second Avenue in Cumberland is open six days per week (closed Sunday) from 10:00 to 5:00.  He specifically promotes my "musician"-related, "northwoods" and "pub"-related images.  Stop and say "hi" on your way to the cabin!

I post  images, light comments (pun intended) and tips on how I approach my photographic subjects to my Facebook page.  Thanks for checking it out.

Thank you also for visiting MrCamera Imaging


Just a bit about my photographic journey.  I served as a school photographer many years ago and sold photos to parents and students as a sideline.  A bit of commission work (bands, theater groups, company anniversaries, a few weddings) followed. 

A chance purchase of an antique camera at a local auction led to collecting fever (my wife says that something "snapped" inside of me) and a business buying and selling used and antique cameras. Many shows in the Twin Cities area helped my wife and I put the kids through college, but the emergence of online auction markets changed the landscape for the business dramatically.  However, the legacy of the "MrCamera Photographic Collectibles" business was an interest in 3D stereoscopic photography. I first used my collectible 35 mm stereo cameras from the 1950's but eagerly embraced digital 3D equipment as it emerged.  Images of delicate objects such as roses, lilies and orchids were captured so much better in three dimensions that I have been shooting almost exclusively in stereo since 2012. (However, I shoot sports images for the Eau Claire Express baseball organization using professional Nikon SLR equipment, though I sometimes use the "cha-cha" twin image workaround to create some static 3D images.)

Although there has been interest in my 3D photographs at shows for several years, traditional matted and framed (or metal mounted, canvas wrapped or floated) images sold.  So I now separate one of the stereo images from my files, print them, and offer them as matted and/or framed wall art.      

My latest imaging passion is in the creation of mixed media photo-acrylic artworks..  They are photo-inspired acrylic images on canvas, usually displayed in gallery float mounts. 

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